Elevator Cab LED Light Panel Fixture.

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Elevator LED Light Panel Fixture

Our Custom Elume Elevator SlimCab Fixture

Our 1.1" thin, eLume LED Slimcab Elevator Light Panel Fixtures are enclosed in an aluminum framing with integral proprietary polycarbonate diffusion lens designed to output a perfectly uniform, bright, edge to edge white illumination evenly diffused across the surface of the panel that easily recesses into your elevator cab's drop ceiling.

Available in Warm White, Neutral White and Daylight White our SlimCab LED Panel Fixtures are custom manufactured specific to the dimensions that your elevator cab requires ensuring the most resilient and uniform output optimized for drop ceiling elevator cab lighting.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your elevator's LED Light Panel Fixture requirements with one of our knowledgeable design associates.

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Elevator LED Light Panel

Elevator SlimCab LED Fixture Attributes


Each fixture is custom fabricated to your provided dimensions and optimized to meet specific light level requirements and with multiple kelvin temperature options to best suit each project's elevator cab's specific design requirements.

Illumination & Dimmability

With our standard extreme output level model or the ability to manufacture to your custom, output level specifications with various kelvins and dimming method options our Elevator SlimCab fixtures are optimized to the ideal light level required for your elevator application.

Emergency Back Up Systems

Operating at 24Vdc our Elume Elevator SlimCab Fixtures are compatible with majority of existing battery back up systems or alternatively utilize Elumanation's emergency battery back up system for a complete solution.

Design Assistance

From concept to implementation, architects to end users, our knowledgable design consultants and technichians offer assistance throughout the project to meet your functional requirements and  achieve your aesthetic lighting objective.

Custom Elevator Drop Ceiling SlimCab LED Light Fixture - ELsf30

Elevator Drop Ceiling SlimCab LED Light Fixture - ELsf30

Elevator Drop Ceiling SlimCab LED Light Fixture - ELsf30 Rear

Elume SlimCab LED Light Fixture - Light Output Colour Options

Elume SlimCab LED Light Panel Fixture - LED Embedded Side's Options

LEDs Embedded Along 1, 2 or 4 Edges

To ensure the ideal output specifications for your project each Elevator SlimCab LED Light Fixture is custom fabricated with the option of embedding LEDs along 1 edge, 2 opposing edges or along all 4 edges.

Uniform Diffused Illumination

Internally each SlimCab's LED Light Fixture's light distribution is optimized by Elumanation's proprietary algorithm to ensure maximum uniformity across each SlimCab's diffused surface.

Elevator SlimCab LED Fixture - Specifications & Downloads

Output Level Options:

Max-High Output [MH]:

Extreme Output [E] :

17 W/M [5.18 W/Ft]

25 W/M [7.62 W/Ft]
Frame Thickness: 28 mm [1.125"]
Frame Style : Satin Anodized Aluminum - Double Channel Back

Embedded LED Options:

- Along 1 Edge ( <15" Width )

- 2 Opposing Edges ( Typically Long Edges )

- Entire perimeter ( All 4 Edges )

Colour Output Options:

Daylight White (DW) :

Neutral White (NW) :

Warm White (WW) :


4100K (Recommended)


Minimum Custom Size : Contact us for consultation
Maximum Custom Size : 36 x 100" [914 x 2540 mm]
Weight : Approx 2.4 Lbs [1.8kg] / SqFt
Operating Voltage : 24Vdc
Dimmability Options:

0~10V | PWM | DALI | Wireless Remote

*Additional Dimming Module Required

Warranty : 3 Year Warranty
Safety Certification : UL Listed