LED Light Panel - Backlit Acrylic Feature

Elumanation | Backlit Designs

Custom, edge-lit Elume LED Light Panels uniformly illuminate any translucent material to create eye capturing architectural highlights and features.

LED Light Panel - Backlit Retail Store Fixtures

Elumanation | Store Fixtures

Custom, vibrant Elume LED Light Panel fixtures highlight
retail products and create brilliant, unique consumer environments.

LED Light Panel - Backlit Onyx Bartop

Elumanation | Backlit Onyx

Elume LED Light Panels are the new industry standard
for bright, thin, uniform, seamless, custom backlit
onyx applications.

LED Light Panel - Drop-in Ceiling Panel Light

Elumanation | General Area Illumination

High output, edge-lit illumination, Elume LED SlimFixtures
provide a sustainable alternative to unsightly and inefficient
fluorescent troffer light fixtures.